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Asus ROG Phone Review
Asus isn't known for its top of the line telephones and generally, they've entered mid-run fragment and endeavored to convey a ton of significant worth to purchaser at a lower cost. That progressions now with appearance of gaming cell phones in showcase.
As more gaming cell phones are turning out, Asus chose to give it a shot also, with its well known gaming lineup mark, ROG (Republic of Gamers). Already, ROG arrangement highlighted gaming PCs and peripherals with gaudy marking, bulky specs and RGB lighting and Asus is bringing all that to cell phones now, with its fresh out of the box new gaming lead gadget, ASUS ROG Phone. Question stays, as there have been two or three participants in this gaming cell phone portion, is Asus ROG Phone equipped for infiltrating this market which as of now has a specialty set of clients? We should discover.


Asus ROG Phone takes after ROG outline dialect, with sharp lines, a dark complete and particularly 'gamer' looks. Configuration splits from normal handset stylish with a smooth however stout look, much like ROG gaming PCs. From front it would seem that a general metal-confined handset with Gorilla bended glass yet flip it over and jewel cut features and copper itemizing unmistakably stamp this out as a gaming gadget.

At front, there's a huge show with thick bezels and keeping in mind that Asus ROG Phone doesn't have a score in screen, there's another speaker grille indented in top bezel, and an indistinguishable grille in base bezel, both in a rosy gold shading, to proceed stealthy looks of telephone. There are no physical catches at front as this telephone is planned to be utilized with a gaming cushion and physical catches would be exceptionally unrealistic.

At back, a large portion of telephone is shrouded in glass, with a cut-out metallic segment on right side that houses speaker grilles. While Asus says there's glass on back, it feels more like plexiglass than Gorilla Glass backs you find on leaders today. Indeed, even unique finger impression sensor, camera and glimmer modules on back of this telephone are unmistakable from different telephones, and you see a gleaming ROG logo under them. What's more, truly, ROG logo does illuminate, and you can change its shading on the off chance that you need. In particular, metal sides have hard-line edges surrounding them and a RGB ROG logo that progressions shading like clockwork is implanted on its back. Gratefully, you can turn RGB lighting off in the telephone's custom Republic of Gamers application, which additionally gives you a chance to see things like the CPU and GPU temperature. However, notwithstanding when you do, this is anything but an unobtrusive telephone and most non-gamers will probably be put off by outline. On right half of back, there's a one of a kind plan cut out with hued grilles and you'll discover Republic of Gamers marking printed vertically at base of this telephone.

There's a power and volume catches on right, joined by two USB Type-C ports for connecting embellishments. There's another Type-C port on base for charging telephone. Gratefully, you additionally get a 3.5 mm earphone jack with the goal that's a win circumstance.

By and large, Asus ROG Phone looks all of a gaming gadget as it is expected to be. Its conspicuous, strong, rough and got all that RGB DNA most Asus ROG items have. At the end of the day, Asus ROG fans are in for a treat with this gadget.


A gaming cell phone needs a screen fit for complimenting gamer specs and that is precisely what you get the chance to see on Asus ROG Phone. Telephone has a 6 inch Full HD AMOLED show with determination of 1080x2160p, pixel thickness of 401 ppi and angle proportion of 18:9.

Show is truly great yet it doesn't coordinate 120Hz revive rate seen on Razer Phone. In any case, even at 90Hz it's as yet a noteworthy change on most contending telephones that are bolted to 60Hz. Playing diversions and gushing motion pictures, AMOLED and HDR-prepared screen was altogether more responsive and smooth contrasted with Google Pixel 2.

Show additionally looks completely dazzling in substance, with hues overflowing off screen and those stunning inky shadows and blacks that no one but AMOLED can give. Joined forces with that ultra low reaction time, there's simply not a trace of slack or ghosting anyplace to be found. It's so smooth, indeed, that it even looks smoother when you're simply flicking through Android's menus and home screen.

As indicated by Asus, it's additionally more receptive than Razer Phone, highlighting a 1ms reaction rate. Hues were a little oversaturated for my loving, yet lighting conditions mean my stripped eye impressions may have been off. My solitary genuine worry about screen is that it is bolted to keep running at 90Hz. Not at all like Razer Phone, Asus ROG Phone doesn't have a variable revive rate that can be naturally or physically balanced on an application by-application premise. This isn't an issue if execution is your essential concern, yet it will affect telephone's battery life. A higher invigorate rate builds number of times a telephone needs to render a picture on screen each second. This expanded number of cycles will require more power and henceforth will hit battery timing of telephone. Show additionally includes 108.6% DCI-P3 shading range scope and a 10,000:1 differentiation proportion. which is exceedingly noteworthy. What tops off an already good thing is HDR bolster which is additionally on the cards, with local help for Amazon, Netflix and YouTube HDR measures, and additionally capacity to change over SDR substance to HDR on the fly, much the same as Sony Xperia XZ2.

There's gorilla glass security in plain view of this gadget, in any case, Asus hasn't specified Gorilla Glass rendition of it. As I would see it, it's a show which will complete all needs of a cell phone gamer and it is giving an adjusted condition to gamers at 90 Hertz outline rate.


Asus is celebrated for expanding specs on their items and same is seen on Asus ROG Phone. It has an overclocked Snapdragon 845 processor, at 2.9 GHz, around 100 MHz higher than ordinary. This is combined with Adreno 630 GPU and 8 GB of RAM, with capacity choices of either 128 GB or 512 GB.

Execution insightful, it was astoundingly smooth, all because of top notch, overwhelmed specs. Indeed, even while throwing a diversion to a TV, which requires a great deal of assets, it ran superbly fine and there were no slack or hiccups at all. One noteworthy concern I had was that telephone would overheat due to an overclocked processor and GPU, in any case, ASUS thought of that. Having such high spec additionally implies that Asus ROG Phone needs some genuine cooling to keep things running at their pinnacle and this is given by GameCool framework. It involves vapor-chamber cooling, a carbon cooling cushion and copper warm spreader. Additionally, just on the off chance that you truly need to bet everything with a broad gaming session, Asus ROG Phone likewise comes packaged with an outer Aeroactive cooler for good measure.

This adds an additional fan to blend and powers air into the telephone from outside. I discovered it additionally helped gadget to feel somewhat more secure in my grasp as I played. Aeroactive dash on additionally empowers power and earphone associations with be kept running off side of telephone, so links are unpretentious while telephone is being held in picture mode. Customary power opening is likewise situated on focus of side for gaming when fringe isn't connected.

Another extraordinary touch is the use of AirTriggers, two programmable ultrasonic sensors that give you amusement controls through haptic input. You simply make you happy above edge of screen, leaving entire screen free for visuals. When I attempted it, I found that it was instinctive and implied I got the chance to appreciate gaming background instead of always searching down for on-screen catches when utilizing a consistent cell phone.

Asus is likewise propelling a few accomplices to compliment gaming knowledge on Asus ROG Phone. In the first place, there is handheld TwinView dock which takes a page from Nintendo's book, presenting an optional show which is indistinguishable to that of telephone itself. Fundamentally, it transforms telephone into a handheld support, finish with physical triggers on back. In particular, Asus will work with portable diversion designers keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that different recreations will exploit this second screen. TwinView dock utilizes Asus' Wigig docking and 802.11ad to give Wi-Fi paces of up to 4.66GHz. That implies slack free gaming on the extra large screen, and without a solitary wire in locate. At that point, there's a work area dock which basically transforms your telephone into a work area PC. Dock accompanies a wealth of ports that you'd find on any motherboard: Ethernet, HDMI, DisplayPort, and different USB ports. With this dock, you will have the capacity to play amusements on an outside show with a console and mouse, much the same as you would on a genuine gaming PC.

Asus ROG Phone scored 304183 on Antutu benchmark which is one of the most noteworthy scores I've seen. You additionally get numerous USB Type-C connectors for frill. On sound side of things is an earphone jack (in addition to the side one by means of separable cooler said before), DTS Headphone:X with 7.1 virtual encompass sound and Hi-Res Audio bolster. Feature, however, is forward looking stereo speakers that accompany a 'brilliant enhancer'. They're effortlessly probably the most intense speakers I've heard on a telephone.

In outline, this is practically similar to Asus ROG PCs, which are overclocked, intensely controlled and accompanied some awesome cooling tech to keep gadget running for long circumstances. It's simply noteworthy how Asus figured out how to convey all that inside a cell phone.


Asus ROG Phone accompanies an extensive 4000 mAh battery, like that on Razer Phone. Asus says you will get 11 and a half long periods of video playback and 7 long periods of gameplay, both over Wi-Fi. On the off chance that it runs out rapidly, there's some noteworthy sounding tech going ahead here regarding charging. It's entangled however as it depends which USB port you're utilizing.

Conventional port on base backings Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. Nonetheless, custom side port backings up to Quick Charge 4.0 and Asus possess HyperCharge coordinate charging, which can get telephone to an incredible 60 percent in only 33 minutes. Despite the fact that telephone's back is made of glass, it doesn't bolster remote charging however being a gaming gadget, I never anticipated that this telephone would even help it.

I for one feel that battery on this telephone is better than average and for individuals who may require additional juice, there's an additional 6000 mAh battery pack accessible with TwinView Dock.


With such an emphasis on gaming, Asus has scarcely attracted any thoughtfulness regarding cameras, something that is typically principal on a cutting edge telephone. Asus ROG Phone have a double cameras setup at raise with one 12MP sensor and a 8MP sensor. It seems, by all accounts, to be same setup as on Asus ZenFone 5 with an auxiliary 8 MP camera offering a wide 120-degree see. Cameras bolster PDAF and can shoot recordings till 4K at 30 fps.

It has 4-hub adjustment, for better low light outcomes. You can see this in real life notwithstanding when you just hold Asus ROG Phone with camera application running. Development seems smoothed-out. Geometric contortion focal point causes can be utilized to emotional impact as well as straight lines in engineering of structures wind up bended, especially close edge of edge. Best piece of Asus ROG Phone's camera beside adaptability of double view shooting is its HDR enhancement.

This telephone has extremely powerful high unique range handling. Now and again it can appear somewhat implausible, verging on fantastical, as though splendid shady skies have been rendered by a PC diversion. Be that as it may, photographs are regularly striking. There are two issues with HDR. On occasion it can cause ghosting, where you can see development in scene overlaid over unique presentation. This is typically an issue when there's a lot of a period hole between shots. At different circumstances HDR simply doesn't kick in. On a few events I shot various pictures of same scene. Some wound up as pleasantly uncovered HDR photographs, others were marked HDR yet had drastically overexposed regions.

In outline, I'd state that occasionally Asus ROG Phone takes incredible photographs and now and then it looks as if something has gone somewhat wrong in process, or application just drives you insane with its conflicting execution.


Asus ROG Phone has all equipment segments required for it to be an incredible gaming cell phone and for equipment to work legitimately, programming should be at right pace as well. Telephone is transported with Android 8.1 Oreo with a custom Asus Gaming UI interface, that look extremely fitting for style of this gadget.

By and large, it gives off an impression of being genuinely stock Android despite the fact that it appears to be very unique because of components like symbol pack. There doesn't appear to be much bloatware, despite the fact that this can change when, particularly by means of systems. Asus to be specific includes Game Center which gives you an outline of framework assets and this is additionally where you can change the fan speed of the AeroActive Cooler. You get an understanding of your telephone's CPU's center speeds, it's recurrence levels and what amount is it overclocking, together with temperature of centers. Actually, I extremely like the way that we can modify speed of AeroActive Cooler as now and again you may need it to run slower to spare battery life, and at different circumstances, you may need it to keep running at full speed.

Another awesome programming highlight on this telephone is called X Mode, which gives clients capacity to debilitate exercises that sap telephone's 8GB RAM with a basic tap. Adjustable menu can likewise handicap other annoying applications and activities, for example, approaching telephone calls or notices also - arranging for full abilities of unit for gaming. Obviously, a few people may want to have notices or different applications running at same time as gaming, and this is completely conceivable with TwinView Dock that highlights an extra, helper 6-inch AMOLED screen. X Mode likewise counteracts RAM-eating and battery-sapping application action, in view of an adjustable rundown of applications.

At last, I would state that most gaming fans won't expect a stock Android encounter on this telephone, and as it should be, as gaming gadgets require gaming programming and Asus nails that part about this telephone.


Asus ROG Phone will be accessible in showcase pre-fall as per Asus with a value obscure so far. Telephone will be accessible in dark shading and in two stockpiling choices: 128 GB and 512 GB. Any reasonable person would agree that Republic of Gamers has put a great deal of thought into plan and specs on Asus ROG telephone. It isn't only a gaming gadget, yet a super intense versatile handset in its own particular right. It would seem that it will be a strong gadget that is ideal for gamers however a bit of overpowering for every other person. Indeed, even I, as a gamer, recoiled at over the best plan and slathering of RGB lighting, however to be reasonable, it is the thing that Republic of Gamers mark has experienced out these years.

While I'll have to put Asus ROG Phone appropriately through its paces previously I can convey a more thought about decision, it's protected to state it speaks to genuine advancement in cell phone showcase. Organizations are endeavoring to make 'gaming telephone' a thing, and Asus may have made the greatest stride towards accomplishing this. It's surely a specialty item, however it could without much of a stretch be advertised as a leader gadget. Also, if it's sufficiently effective, Asus may hope to deliver variations of this gadget and, with engineer bolster, make a genuine telephone/handheld support half and half.

It's a genuine opponent for Razer Phone and is not at all like relatively every other cell phone on advertise. Point is to give most ideal gaming knowledge and Asus has gotten down to business to give this. It hopes to have accomplished this with various perfect highlights including AreoActive Cooler and AirTriggers, also overclocked Snapdragon 845 processor, a 90Hz AMOLED screen and a conceivable 512GB of on-load up capacity.

At last, I might want to state that it's inconceivable not to be awed by sheer measure of thought and building that Asus filled this telephone. This gadget and its smaller than expected environment of gamer-accommodating frill have obviously been in works for some time. It's a standout amongst the most true and driven endeavors to make Android gaming telephones a true blue class in its own right. Regardless I think this undertaking is a tough one, yet Asus merits credit for putting its best foot forward. Given its wild specs, we ought to most likely prepare ourselves at an uncompromising cost to oblige uncompromising execution: over a thousand dollars without a doubt. For gaming fan, that won't make any difference much as this telephone genuinely conveys a gaming execution and biological system each versatile gamer has dream of.

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