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Should I Buy This Women Running Shirt?

Here at our site, we realize that looking for attire can be overpowering. The market is immersed with items professing to be the best thing or the most breathable that, and without a solid source to deal with the franticness, you may wind up quit and running in your old cotton shirt. Be that as it may, stop! That is what we're here for. Our survey group looked through many the most well known items and fastidiously chose seven for hands-on testing. We invested months wearing these shirts wherever we went, from the track to the trails, to present to you this survey. On the off chance that you definitely recognize what you're searching for, head on over to our Overview to peruse about which items won our hearts. Need some more foundation data before making a plunge? We utilize this article to clarify what precisely you ought to search for.
smartwool phd ultra light


Running is hard, so why make it considerably harder? Solace is amazingly essential in keeping the feed alive amid your runs, and the more you spend in a shirt, the more probable you are to see little points of interest that you wouldn't have seen amid a fast pre-purchase attempt on. We invested a long time in these shirts so we could truly become more acquainted with them, and we had our companions and partners attempt them too so as to enable us to discover an agreement. Amid our testing period, we found a couple of significant characteristics that enormously influenced comfort.


In these seven shirts, we discovered three distinct materials: cotton, fleece, and polyester. The majority of the shirts were completely polyester, yet some were a mix of these textures. Every one has an alternate vibe, and your own inclination will be vital here. That being stated, there are a few things you'd need to think about each.


On the off chance that you've at any point heard the articulation "cotton slaughters," you may definitely realize that any cotton shirt is a flawed decision for the boondocks. Due to its long drying time and powerlessness to keep us warm when wet, we for the most part don't advance wearing cotton in the outside. Just two shirts in this survey had cotton, and them two were still for the most part polyester. Both the Nike Tailwind and Brooks Distance were 85% polyester and 15% cotton. The cotton helped include the super-delicate sentiment of both, and we found no distinction in their drying times as a result of it. On the off chance that shorter runs are your stick, or on the off chance that you adore the super delicate sentiment of cotton, these two could be extraordinary decisions.

Spring climate is an ideal time to shake the Tailwind which is super agreeable yet not as breathable.

Spring climate is an ideal time to shake the Tailwind, which is super agreeable however not as breathable.


When we consider activewear, we by and large consider polyester. This engineered material is known for rushing to dry and breathable, yet in addition for holding smells. We didn't see any scent development in any of the shirts we tried, yet you might need to keep away from this material if that is a high need for you. Of the shirts, we tried, the Patagonia Windchaser, North Face Reaxion Amp, and Arc'teryx Taema were completely polyester, the Windchaser being the just a single with scent control. The Marmot All-Around is 93% polyester with only 7% of elastane shirt.


Just a single shirt in this survey was developed with fleece: the Smartwool PhD Ultra Light. With a 56% merino fleece, 44% polyester mix, our analyzers found the best of the two universes in this best. Merino fleece is normally smell free, an incredible preferred standpoint over polyester, but at the same time is known to be substantially less solid. We didn't discover any issues with solidness amid testing, however we'd be careful utilizing this shirt on beefy backwoods missions.

The PhD Ultra Light is both delicate and execution driven.

The PhD Ultra Light is both delicate and execution driven.


There are two components concerning creases that influence by and large shirt comfort, but since we didn't see any crease related inconvenience amid our testing, we didn't put as much accentuation on them when we were scoring. We would like to invest a touch of energy clarifying what those variables are, however.

Crease Location

One of the greatest battles we need to keep away from with creases is scraping, and the most conspicuous way creases cause abrading is by their area. At the point when creases are found specifically over the shoulder, they could without much of a stretch rub under the heaviness of a pack. We certainly want to have the creases found further down the sleeve to lighten this stress. The vast majority of the shirts we tried did this, aside from the Marmot All-Around and Brooks Distance, the two of which missed the message.

Crease Type

There are three principle sorts of creases that we saw in this audit: taped, flatlock, and overlock. The Windchaser was the main shirt in this audit with taped creases. While they're effortlessly the most agreeable, we had worries about their sturdiness. The other six shirts had either overlock or flatlock creases. As should be obvious in the photo beneath, the flatlock creases of the PhD Ultra Light have a much lower profile than the overlock creases of the North Face Reaxion, diminishing the danger of awkward rubbing and scraping. The shirts we tried that have flatlock creases are the PhD and Arc'teryx Taema, while the Reaxion, Brooks Distance, Marmot All-Around, and Nike Tailwind have overlock. Flatlock creases are extensively more costly to create than the standard overlock, as shown by these shirts' costs.

running shirt womens

running shirt womens

Fit and Stretch

Indeed, even comfortable materials can be an agony if a shirt doesn't fit effectively, so we needed to investigate the diverse kinds of outlines we found in this survey. The greater part of the shirts we tried were perfectly sized, and we just took a gander at short-sleeve variants for consistency. In the event that the shirt was cozy, we unquestionably required it to be truly stretchy so as to suit a more extensive scope of movement. A portion of the looser shirts we tried had less stretch yet at the same time worked on the grounds that they weren't so tight. Fit is extremely close to home, and keeping in mind that we did our best to achieve an accord, regardless we prescribe attempting on a shirt before buying to ensure it works for you.

The Reaxion has one of our most loved fits finding the center line between perfectly sized and athletic.

The Reaxion has one of our most loved fits, finding the center line between perfectly sized and athletic.

Breathability and Drying Time

Subsequent to keeping us agreeable, the most vital thing we need our athletic wear to achieve is keeping us dry. Also, when you're working up a perspiration, regardless of whether you're somewhere down in the boondocks or out on the track, this turns out to be increasingly hard to do. Our testing group recognized two vital qualities that all the while cooperate to accomplish that objective. They're firmly connected, so we'll unravel them here.

Breathability is the shirt's capacity to inhale - right? This metric estimates wind current and the shirt's capacity to give dampness a chance to vanish before it gathers on the texture. Shirts that are made of engineered materials by and large do this best. We additionally found that a looser fit accomplished this objective.

Drying time is the proportion of how rapidly a shirt can dry once it's soaked with dampness. To test this, we dunked every one of the seven shirts in water, wrung them out by hand, and draped them on a line to dry one next to the other. In chilly climate, we need our shirts to dry as fast as could be expected under the circumstances with the goal that the dampness doesn't make us cool. In sweltering climate, that dissipation procedure is the thing that enables chill us to off.

The Windchaser and Argentina are two of our most loved things.

The Windchaser and Argentina are two of our most loved things.

Highlights and Versatility

Our group was on the chase for qualities that made each shirt ideal for running, not similarly as a baselayer, and keeping in mind that we were somewhat baffled to find that not one of the seven models we tried had every one of these highlights, despite everything we need to clarify what they are and why we believe they're imperative.

Sun assurance: When putting in a really long time outside, nothing is as essential for your long haul joy and wellbeing than sun insurance. We granted additional focuses for shirts with an implicit UPF rating. The two that refined this were the Marmot All-Around, at UPF 30, and the Arc'teryx Taema, at UPF 50+.

Smell control: We don't think we truly need to clarify why this one is critical, however we do wish that a greater amount of these shirts incorporated this characteristic. The Windchaser from Patagonia incorporated a smell shield into its polyester development, the just a single of the engineered shirts to do as such. The PhD Ultra Light is the most normally smell free due to its merino fleece outline.

Reflectivity: Having intelligent markings while running around evening time can have a gigantic effect on security. None of the seven shirts we tried had a copious measure of reflection, however the majority of them had logos on the front and back to accomplish this reason.

In the wake of taking a gander at what made a shirt running-particular, we likewise needed to recognize what made it more adaptable. Whenever we put cash in an item, we need to capitalize on it. All together for any of these running shirts to likewise function as an all the more balanced baselayer, we took a gander at the highlights above in addition to a decent fit and awesome scope of movement. While the Windchaser makes an amazing running shirt, its less-stretchy sleeves and middle make it hard to use for different exercises. The PhD Ultra Light, then again, has amazing stretch and fit for any movement.


Regardless of whether you're climbing, biking, climbing, skiing, or truly, running, the majority of the shirts in this audit will work. All are adequate at overseeing sweat and keeping you agreeable, however some are superior to other people. In case you're searching for a more flexible baselayer, give careful consideration to the "Highlights and Versatility" segment of every individual survey. On the off chance that running in the warmth is your thing, the "Breathability" and "Drying Time" measurements will be more critical. We encourage you to consider your exercises and what your optimal shirt resembles, and afterward utilize the data above to evaluate each shirt before you buy. Glad shopping!

How We Tested Running Shirt for Women

For Spring 2018, we chose to include a women's-particular running shirt survey to our site. We begun by doing a long time of research, conversing with running companions, looking at the most prominent models from a portion of the nation's greatest online retailers, and perusing extensive measure of surveys. We limited our determination down to seven of the most captivating models, from costly, top notch mark names to more affordable contenders. We obtained each shirt (we don't acknowledge free items!), and off we ran.

For the initial couple of long stretches of testing, we wore these shirts all over the place, running, climbing, climbing, and investigating South America before returning to keep testing in our home in California. We kept running out and about and on trails, in chilly climate and hot, in dry atmospheres and damp ones. After time, we thought of the characteristics that appeared to be most imperative in shirts, and we worked with our entire group and our emotionally supportive network of excited sprinters to affirm the noteworthiness of these qualities. We wound up with four scoring measurements: comfort, breathability, drying pace, and highlights/flexibility.

Remaining dry is a breeze in the Taema on a warm spring day in Yosemite National Park.

Remaining dry is a breeze in the Taema on a warm spring day in Yosemite National Park.

While solace, breathability, and highlights and adaptability were tried for the most part in the field, we devised a more controlled analysis for drying time, which we'll clarify underneath. Something we're most pleased with this survey, and when all is said in done with the OutdoorGearLab display, is that each of the seven of these items were tried next to each other with coordinate examinations, making our audits the most exhaustive out there today. Stay with us as we clarify the intricate details of how we tried underneath, and afterward head on over to the Overview area to perceive how the items stacked up.


Solace is one of our most loved measurements to test, but at the same time it's a standout amongst the most muddled. It's simple for us to choose which shirt is the most agreeable, however it tends to be hard to clarify why. For this metric, we looked further into the structure of every texture, and in every individual audit, we clarify what each shirt is made of, and additionally our abstract evaluations on how this material felt on our skin amid an assortment of exercises in various atmospheres.

smartwool phd ultra light

smartwool phd ultra light

We additionally scrutinized crease area, scope of movement, stretchiness, and generally speaking fit for this metric. We asked our companions and partners to affirm our discoveries, and we kept on wearing these shirts pretty much wherever we went.


Breathability, similar to comfort, appears like a generally straightforward metric yet is very hard to test. We kept running in an extensive variety of conditions, from the dry, bone-dry atmosphere of Patagonia to the warm, clammy spring of Yosemite. To counter this testing issue, we attempted to utilize numerous shirts around the same time, changing them out mid-run or mid-climb, to get more next to each other testing that would reveal to us how well a shirt inhales as well as how well it performs in guide correlation with its rivals.

The taped creases of the Windchaser added to the luxurious solace of this honor winning best.

The taped creases of the Windchaser added to the satiny solace of this honor winning best.

Drying Time

This classification appears to be very like the one portrayed above, however while "breathability" depicts the capacity of a shirt to wick away dampness and keep air moving through it, "drying time" clarifies how rapidly a shirt can dry once it is immersed. Being dry and agreeable in any running shirt is a mix of these two characteristics, and keeping in mind that "breathability" required more field testing, we directed a more controlled test for "drying time."

Our rainbow armada.

Our rainbow armada.

On a charming spring day in Yosemite Valley, we doused every one of the seven shirts in a can of water, soaking them completely. We at that point wrung them out by hand as well as can be expected and draped them on a line to dry. With mellow temperatures, a black out breeze, and halfway sun, we held up persistently to see which shirt would dry the quickest. While we recorded occasions, we felt it was most essential to report the request in which the shirts dried. Since temperature, dampness, and conditions could change a drying time radically, we felt that the most helpful data would rank the shirts as opposed to guaranteeing a particular time.

Highlights and Versatility

Initially, we had conjectured that we would give "Highlights" its own classification. We needed to bring up things like smell control, sun assurance, and reflectivity, and additionally some other remarkable things we found. It didn't take long, be that as it may, to understand that every one of our shirts were impervious to scents and had a little measure of intelligent logos. While two had an UPF rating, the dominant part did not, and our analyzers inferred that we wouldn't have enough information to give scores to highlights alone.

This shirt has incredible breathability at an extremely sensible cost.

This shirt has incredible breathability at an extremely sensible cost.

So what did we do? We chose to incorporate "Flexibility" as one of the highlights. This enabled our group to utilize this metric to portray how appropriate to running each shirt was close by a depiction of how well it would do in different situations. For this metric, we reached every maker to get the wicked good on their outline highlights, and afterward we went out and played to perceive how well we concurred with their cases.

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