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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review

Samsung's Galaxy Note telephones have dependably been about additional. More screen, more battery, more specs, more power, more highlights; in the event that you need a greater amount of something, the Note is the telephone to get. It's a telephone structured and worked for the power client who won't agree to anything less.

The new Note 9 gives the most a greater amount of any Note telephone. It has the greatest screen, the quickest processor, the greatest battery, the biggest stockpiling, and the most highlights.

What's more, it likewise costs the most — the Note 9 begins at $1,000 and goes up to an eye-watering $1,250. It's effectively the most costly Samsung cell phone at any point sold in the US and the most costly Android telephone available at the present time. To get the most, you'll need to pay the most.

What the Note 9 doesn't offer is anything new — not at all like Note telephones of earlier years, it doesn't make a big appearance any new innovation or structure thoughts. It just takes everything that Samsung's been doing with the previous couple of adaptations of its telephones and turns everything up an indent.

I don't think this absence of new stuff is essentially an awful thing — the Note 9 is the best telephone Samsung has ever constructed and seemingly the best Android telephone you can purchase at the present time. Be that as it may, it's not for everybody.

Well done

Perfect, dynamic, splendid, huge presentation

Quick execution

Genuine throughout the day battery life

Heaps of capacity, even in the base model

Terrible STUFF

High sticker price

Huge, clumsy size

Copy applications and additional highlights that don't include much esteem

Purchase for $999.99 from Samsung Buy for $999.99 from Amazon

The Note 9 doesn't appear to be much unique from the Note 8. It has a similar in general structure, with bended glass on the front and back, and a metal edge. The glass isn't as bended as on the Galaxy S9, and it has squarer corners, which gives the Note 9 a bigger impression than Samsung's different telephones. This is a major telephone, and there's no avoiding it: on the off chance that you don't care for larger than average telephones or need something that can be utilized in one hand, this isn't the gadget for you. In any case, it's extremely well made and feels as premium as a $1,000 telephone should.

One acknowledged change from the Note 8 is the situation of the back unique mark scanner. Rather than being up close to the camera, it's presently underneath it, which makes it a lot less demanding to reach with your forefinger. But since the Note 9 is such an extensive telephone, it will even now be difficult to hit for those with littler hands.

The main piece of more you get with the Note 9 is more screen: the 6.4-inch board is bigger than any screen on a premium Samsung telephone before it. It's solitary a smidge greater than the Note 8's 6.3-inch board, yet Samsung could contract the bezels above and beneath the screen considerably further, so the Note 9 isn't definitively bigger than a year ago's telephone, regardless of its greater presentation. It additionally doesn't have an indent or pattern at the highest point of the presentation, which evades the pattern of telephone plan this year and is certain to satisfy a few people.

The showcase itself is actually what we've generally expected from Samsung: it's a brilliant, vivid, pixel-thick OLED board with profound blacks and extraordinary review edges. It's effectively the best screen accessible on a cell phone at this moment and is only flawless to take a gander at, inside or out.

Universe NOTE 9 SPECS

6.4-inch quad HD OLED show

Snapdragon 845 processor with 6/8GB RAM

128/512GB capacity with microSD bolster

4,000mAh battery with wired and remote quick charging

Double 12-megapixel raise camera with OIS and switchable opening

8-megapixel front camera with self-adjust

Gigabit LTE Cat. 18

Iris, facial, and unique finger impression biometric verification

Android 8.1 Oreo

Inside, the Note 9 has more stockpiling than some other Samsung telephone: the base model offers 128GB of space, while the more costly form has an incredible 512GB. The two renditions have microSD card spaces, so you can get up to a full terabyte of capacity on your telephone in case you're willing to pay for it. It's likewise important that Samsung is putting forth twice as much stockpiling as the iPhone X at each value point.

Be that as it may, the most vital piece of more you get with the Note 9 is more battery life. At 4,000mAh, the Note 9's battery is the greatest the line has ever had, and the biggest battery you can get in a Samsung telephone. That is 500mAh greater than the battery in the S9 Plus and a full 700mAh bigger than the one in a year ago's Note 8. It's additionally greater than the battery in Google's Pixel 2 XL, LG's V35, HTC's U12 Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus, or fundamentally some other telephone you can think about that is available to be purchased in the US at the present time.

That converts into genuine, throughout the day battery life, notwithstanding for the heaviest of clients that gaze at their telephones throughout the day. I'm one of those clients and the Note 9 has possessed the capacity to give me somewhere in the range of six and seven hours of on-screen time with my commonplace work process, which is extensively more than I get with other contemporary gadgets. In the week or so I've been utilizing the Note as my essential telephone, there hasn't been a solitary day where the battery didn't last from the exact second I woke up to the point I headed to sleep around evening time. On the off chance that there's a solitary motivation to legitimize the Note 9's cost and size, battery life is it.


The Note 9 is obviously focused to the individual who utilizes their telephone more than normal, yet on the off chance that you are a lighter client, I could without much of a stretch see the telephone enduring two or possibly three days between charges. When it comes time to energize, the Note 9 bolsters both quick wired and quick remote charging, as most Samsung telephones have for as long as couple of years. I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see Samsung enhance the wired charging speeds this time around, particularly since the battery is such a great amount of bigger on the Note 9, however I don't figure the vast majority will have an issue with how quick you can revive the battery.

Like for all intents and purposes each other lead Android telephone this year, including Samsung's own Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, the Note 9 utilizes Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor. It's matched with either 6GB (in the passage demonstrate) or 8GB (in the $1,250 form) of RAM and it has performed immaculately in the time I've been utilizing the telephone. The Note 9 is extremely smart and responsive, even in the section level model I've been trying for this audit, and I haven't experienced any issues with unevenness, slack, or faltering while looking over. Applications open rapidly and exchanging between a pack of various applications is a breeze. In any case, it's not strikingly superior to anything some other lead telephone I've utilized for the current year, since a large portion of them are utilizing a similar processor. You can get a similar dimension of execution from an OnePlus 6, which costs a large portion of the cost of the Note 9.

Another similitude the Note 9 imparts to the Galaxy S9 Plus is its camera framework. The back camera is a double 12-megapixel framework, with a wide-point focal point with switchable openings and a zooming focal point for zooming in nearer regarding your matter or making picture obscure impacts. The front camera has 8 megapixels of goals and self-adjust. Since it's essentially indistinguishable camera stage from the S9 Plus, pictures from the Note 9 are obviously fundamentally the same as those from the S9. They are sharp and dynamic, with extraordinary low-light execution. Self-adjust is lightning brisk and there are a lot of modes in the camera application for different impacts and video shooting. The Samsung cameras are unquestionably among as well as can be expected get at the present time, and it truly boils down to individual inclination, regardless of whether you like the manner in which the pictures look contrasted with Google or Apple's cameras.


Samsung Galaxy S9 survey: typically incredible, typically defective

The Note 9's camera application has two or three new highlights, embracing a portion of the auto scene-distinguishing AI highlights different telephones have transported with this year. Point it at something and it will attempt to recognize what that object is and improve the camera settings for it. Samsung says the camera can perceive 20 unique kinds of scenes, including nourishment, pictures, pets, scenes, shorelines, dawns and dusks, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. In my tests, it worked superbly distinguishing creatures, sustenance, and plants, and it did as such speedier than different telephones with comparable highlights. Be that as it may, I didn't see quite a bit of a distinction in the pictures after it had supposedly upgraded them.

Lattice VIEW

1 of 9

I appreciated the other new component in the camera application, which gives you a warning if the last picture you took may be foggy or the individual in it flickered, so you can take it once more.

The Note 9 separates itself a little from the S9 line with its S Pen stylus. Like each Note telephone before it, you can utilize the Note 9's stylus to scribble down notes, doodle, or explore the telephone's interface. The new element this year is the capacity to utilize the catch on it as a remote to snap an image, avoid a track in a music player, or advance a slide in an introduction. It's perfect, yet as somebody who's never truly discovered much use for the S Pen, it isn't something that I discovered exceptionally helpful. There are S Pen diehards out there who may value these highlights, however — you presumably definitely know whether you're one of them.

The Note 9 additionally conveys a few enhancements to Samsung's DeX include, which gives you a chance to connect the telephone to a PC screen and use it like a personal computer. Rather than requiring an exceptional dock, you can stack DeX with a basic USB-C to HDMI connector on the Note 9, which makes it somewhat simpler to get ready for action than with a S9. The Note 9 can be utilized as a trackpad when it's connected to a bigger screen, or you can doodle on it with the S Pen and have your illustrations appear on the extra large screen.

In any case, DeX is still DeX, and to truly make the most use out of it, in addition to the fact that you need an outer presentation, you'll require a console and mouse, as well, in light of the fact that the Note 9's trackpad highlight is fairly awful. Utilizing DeX, even with all the previously mentioned frill, is still moderate, awkward, and disappointing, with application contrary qualities and bottlenecks. I compare it to drinking a milkshake through an espresso stirrer: you'll get some milkshake in the end, however you'll additionally get baffled and end up with a cerebral pain. By then, you should simply utilize a workstation like every other person.

Samsung's other programming bogeymen are available on the Note 9, as well. It's running Android 8.1 Oreo, however there's zero sign when it may get Android 9 Pie, which was openly discharged for Google's telephones not long ago. There are still loads of superfluous copy applications, even on the opened model I've been utilizing, so out of the crate there are two internet browsers, two email applications, two photograph displays, etc.


What's more, there's Bixby, Samsung's oft-insulted voice right hand. The Note 9 has a patched up variant of Bixby, with a balanced UI and more profound combination with outsider administrations. Be that as it may, as DeX, these enhancements are only shallow and Bixby has the majority of similar issues it's dependably had: it's moderate, imbecilic, and for the most part not in the same class as Google Assistant, which is advantageously additionally on the telephone. For instance, I asked Bixby to "give me bearings to JFK", and it steered me to a browned chicken joint with "JFK" in the name rather than the global airplane terminal. I like broiled chicken as much as anybody, yet those weren't the wings I was searching for.

Similarly as with Samsung's other premium telephones, the Note 9 has a catch on the left side that is devoted to propelling Bixby and can't be reconstructed to something progressively helpful. Samsung says that the adaptation of Bixby on the gadget I've been trying is considered pre-discharge and that there will be a last form accessible when the telephone hits store retires on August 24th. However, I'm not sure that it will make a big deal about a distinction.

None of this is to state the product totally ruins the Note 9 encounter — a great many people will observe it to be okay — yet now, it's unquestionably where Samsung has the most opportunity to get better.

The Note 9 legitimately speaks to the apex of Samsung's cell phone line. It's the best of everything, from presentation, to battery life, to execution, etc. It will probably be at the highest point of many best cell phone records this year.

Be that as it may, it doesn't come without bargains. It is a mammoth telephone, which makes it a non-starter for many individuals. It has a great deal of highlights that the vast majority will either overlook or discover little an incentive in. It has a long way from immaculate programming and Samsung has a horrendous reputation with updates.


The greatest trade off is in its value, which is several dollars more than what the fundamentally the same as Galaxy S9 Plus moves for this moment. The S9 Plus has a similar camera framework; same processor; an about as-large, similarly as dazzling showcase; and essentially a similar programming background. The Note 9 raises the stakes with outstandingly better battery life and the S Pen, yet just a single of those will be generally valued.

For the Note 9 to bode well, you have to need more than simply "more," you have to need the most. Also, having the most will cost you the most.

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