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The Xiaomi MI LED TV 4X Pro 55 Review

A couple of days back, Xiaomi propelled a few new brilliant TVs and a soundbar. While I wasn't excessively awed with the soundbar, their new 55-inch TV is by all accounts an alternate story through and through. Figured it doesn't have a striking structure like its antecedent (or its thin kin, to be increasingly exact), and appeared some other brilliant TV in this section, when I put it through the granulate, I was genuinely inspired with what it offered in this portion.

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X Pro.

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X Pro.

So how about we jump further and become acquainted with the Mi TV 4X Pro 55 better.

Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 Build and Design: 7/10

Xiaomi has relinquished a touch of style for reasonableness in the Mi TV 4X Pro when contrasted with the Mi TV 4 Pro. While it looks genuinely comparative from the front, you don't get the stunning 4.9 mm overly thin screen here as on the Mi TV 4 Pro. Every one of the side bezels are additionally a large portion of a centimeter thicker. In any case, that is practically what you will forfeit, and in return, you will spare Rs 10,000 level. The truth is out; so I don't see such a large number of individuals whining as it is in excess of a reasonable tradeoff. In spite of the additional mass, the Mi TV 4X Pro doesn't take a gander by any means, however there is no striking stylish to sing psalms about.

The bezels are still genuinely limited and the additional screen thickness really loans a touch of robustness to the assemble. The base bezel bears the organization logo alongside a power LED and a concealed power catch underneath it. More on those two somewhat later. The TV can be divider mounted or put on a work area utilizing the packaged stands. Notwithstanding the thicker impression, this TV is really a decent 4.5 kg lighter than the Mi TV 4 Pro. The plastic stands have a slide verification base and complete a respectable occupation of holding the TV set up. There is a slight wobble however when you tap the screen, yet nothing disturbing and there were no accidents over the span of my testing.

HDMI and USB ports.

HDMI and USB ports.

Every one of the ports are set around the inside module at the back; USB and HDMI ports at the edge and the rest underneath. While that wouldn't have been an issue on a 32 or 40-inch TV, the architects appear to have overlooked this is a 55-inch screen and the ports are actually a foot and half (18 inches) far from the edge of the screen. Contacting them would be a bad dream on the off chance that you divider mount it. Except if you choose a pivoting mount, it wouldn't be a terrible plan to plug the HDMI links and USB augmentation links in the particular ports previously you divider mount the TV. This may sound idiotic however you will express gratitude toward me later.

Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 Features: 8/10

The Mi TV 4X Pro has a 55-inch Ultra HD (4K) board with a goals of 3840 x 2160 pixels and HDR10 consistence. The organization doesn't determine the board type however they are referred to utilize IPS just as VA boards for a similar model in various bunches. No one can tell which one you may get. On close perception, I appeared to have gotten one with a VA board for audit. There is an enhancement in the reaction time when contrasted with the Mi TV 4 Pro with this model wearing a 6.5 ms figure rather than 8 ms. A couple of stereo speakers figures out how to convey 20 Watts RMS sound yield, a 4 Watts addition over the past model.

Like most Xiaomi TVs, the 4X Pro is likewise fueled by a 64-bit Amlogic CPU with four Cortex A53 centers, has 2 GB RAM and 8 GB of inside capacity, a piece of which is taken up by the OS. The specs are average enough and there was no detectable slack amid my testing. Since the TV has worked in Chromecast, it gives you a chance to cast recordings from bolstered applications like YouTube, Hotstar, Sony LIV and some more. Be that as it may, the equivalent can't be said about Netflix. I will expound further in the execution segment.

Sound IO ports.

Sound IO ports on the Xiaomi Mi TV 4X Pro 55

The organization has decided on a moderate remote control with this TV, however it can acknowledge voice directions and gives you a chance to utilize Google Voice Search include. Mysteriously, they haven't packaged a couple of AAA batteries to control them. After you place batteries in the remote and before you begin utilizing it, you have to adjust it with the TV by keeping the remote a couple of inches away and squeezing the predetermined keys. The remote actually has only twelve catches with two noteworthy truants — a quiet catch and an alternate route to settings. Absence of these two catches hampers the general involvement. I can't recollect some other TV mark that skirts those keys on their remote control. Additionally, the voice direction key and the power catch are put near one another. I inadvertently turned off the TV a couple of times when attempting to raise the Google Assistant. That can be very disappointing.

Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 Connectivity and User Interface: 8/10

You get an OK spread of network alternatives here. There are 3x HDMI ports, 2x USB ports, one RJ45 LAN port, one A/V in and a SPDIF out. One of the HDMI ports additionally underpins ARC. There is no optical sound over here, yet more basically no coaxial A/V out or a 3.5 mm earphone jack either. That implies you can't utilize any standard speaker with this TV. You require discover one with SPDIF info or HDMI ARC bolster. Be that as it may, remote Bluetooth speakers or earphones can be utilized with this TV as it has Bluetooth 4.2 LE implicit. Discussing remote availability, the Mi TV 4X Pro can lock on to 2.4 GHz just as 5 GHz Wi-Fi systems.

Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 Remote.

Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 Remote.

Being an Android TV, it runs Android 8.0 Oreo with stock UI and has Google Play Store pre-introduced alongside a bundle of Google applications. Indeed, there is Chromecast inherent. Regardless of the nearness of Xiaomi's PatchWall interface, the TV boots up with the default Android launcher.

PatchWall is presently an application which clients can dispatch if and when they wish to and can likewise pick it as their default launcher on the off chance that they like it. Engaging the client with this decision is an extraordinary choice on Xiaomi's part. The remote has an easy route to raise PatchWall however I would have joyfully exchanged it for a quiet or settings catch.

Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 Picture Quality: 8.5/10

Proceeding onward to the most essential part of a TV, its image quality. That is one territory where this TV exceeds expectations. As you most likely are aware at this point, this is a 4K TV, and passing by my past involvement with other 4K TVs, they appear to do well just when nourished 4K content. Fortunately, that is not the situation with the Xiaomi Mi TV 4X Pro. Ultra HD recordings look superb on this TV yet so do 1080p Full HD recordings. In any case, that is not it, even 720p recordings scale well and look very amazing on this screen with a ton of better detail unmistakably obvious. Anything with a goals lower than that will in general blur away yet is as yet watchable on the off chance that you see it from 12 feet away or more. 11 to 12 feet is the perfect survey remove for a 55-inch TV.

Returning to 4K recordings, the image looks sharp and the shading propagation is noteworthy. Hues feel normal by and large yet now and again they feel somewhat smothered and unnaturally lively. The last was for the most part seen in our test recordings with HDR. Despite the fact that the organization asserts that this TV is HDR10 consistent, it doesn't work all that extraordinary here. Its HDR execution is no place in the group of a Samsung or a Sony, yet at that point, you won't locate a solitary 55-inch keen TV from both of those brands anyplace near the moving cost of the 4X Pro. In any case, the nature of the board is very great as is the general differentiation. HDR or no HDR, it figured out how to show a considerable lot of detail in darker territories in high complexity scenes in a portion of our test recordings. That is the place this TV emerges when contrasted with most different TVs in this value section.

Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55.

Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55.

This TV offers you a couple of picture presets and a bunch of shading modifications. In any case, they are covered excessively profound into the settings. At the end of the day, you can't get to or modify the image settings while you are viewing a video. You need to leave the application, go to Android settings and change them from that point in disconnection. That doesn't give you a continuous thought regarding how it impacts the image quality. There's a lot of experimentation and diligent work required for a normal client to make a fuss over. I trust Xiaomi addresses that in a future programming refresh.

Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 Audio Quality: 7/10

The sound yield is not a huge deal. As I referenced before, the TV has a couple of stereo speakers that convey an absolute yield of 20 Watts RMS. Best case scenario, they are not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone's mind for a normal level screen TV, yet nothing terrific. The sound lucidity is average yet it isn't too boisterous and obviously, there's very little bass either. The yield is more than average for everyday TV seeing background however not sufficient on the off chance that you are hoping to stream Full HD and 4K content on this. All things considered, that is the reason you would need to purchase this TV in any case, isn't that so?

Sound is a fundamental piece of high-res recordings and subsequently I would propose connecting a decent soundbar one of its sound out ports. Once more, you should get one with a SPDIF or HDMI ARC input. Truly, you can adjust it over Bluetooth as well, however the sound quality won't be equivalent to the next two.

Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 Performance: 8/10

This TV can give you a frighten on the off chance that you don't peruse the manual, or should I say the guidelines pamphlet. When you switch on the TV from the mains out of the blue, the red power LED goes ahead and goes off in 5 seconds and the remote doesn't work either. One can without much of a stretch consider it a deficient piece. In any case, after you read the guidelines, you will realize that it should be exchanged on utilizing the concealed catch on the base bezel. Post that, you match up the remote with the TV and afterward you are a great idea to go. This just should be done the first run through. It takes around 50 seconds to boot up. Furthermore, it takes pretty much a similar measure of time to come on each time you turn it now and again from the remote control. That is standard for most shrewd TVs. However, the reserve highlight on the new iFFALCON TVs where the TV would return on in 3 seconds from backup mode has spoilt me. I trust each shrewd TV maker executes that.

Xiaomi gives you an alternative to choose between PatchWall UI and Android TV interface. Picture: Xiaomi

Xiaomi gives you an alternative to choose between PatchWall UI and Android TV interface. Picture: Xiaomi

Video document organize bolster through USB is magnificent and it played each record with different codecs I tossed at it easily through its default player, including 4K recordings. In any case, the default player does not bolster captions and a couple of sound organizations. It is anything but a major issue as you can generally introduce an alternate player like VLC from the Google Play Store that deals with those issues. You can control the playback utilizing the packaged remote in the default player also whatever other player that you introduce.

Being an Android TV, there is no Amazon Prime Videos application and we can't point the finger at Xiaomi for it. Be that as it may, getting it guaranteed by Netflix is Xiaomi's duty and nonattendance of Netflix similarity stands out like a sore thumb. Support for the equivalent is long late on their TVs and things appear to be in a limbo. To exacerbate the situation, you can't cast it on this TV from your telephone in spite of the nearness of implicit Chromecast. That is bizarre and should be settled at the soonest. The throwing issue was constrained just to Netflix and it worked fine for YouTube and some different administrations that I attempted.

Excepting that I had almost no to whine about and I was content with the general execution of the Mi TV 4X Pro, particularly given its sticker price.

Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 Verdict and Price in India

The Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 can be bought on Flipkart or Mi official site in the week after week streak deal (moan!) for Rs 39,999 with a one year guarantee and an extra one year cover for the board. Truly, the TV has a couple of weaknesses however the savvy TV classification, when all is said in done, is still genuinely new and no TV is flawless yet.

At that value point however, its image quality levels the challenge and you get an appropriate Android TV with a vast 55-inch Ultra HD board, Chromecast worked in and fortunately PatchWall isn't pushed down your throat.

Subsequent to gauging every one of its upsides and downsides, I can securely say this is seemingly the best brilliant TV one can purchase under Rs 40,000 in India at present. On the off chance that Xiaomi can fix a portion of its issues soon, it tends to be a runaway hit.

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